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Welcome to DBOS!

With these DBOS solutions, you can easily build scalable, reliable, and secure TypeScript applications:

  • DBOS Transact - An open-source TypeScript framework for developing transactional applications with built-in once-and-only-once code execution.

  • DBOS Cloud - A transactional serverless platform for deploying DBOS Transact applications to the cloud with built-in high performance, scalability, fault tolerance, and database time travel.

You want to build your next backend application with DBOS because:

To get started in less than five minutes, check out our quickstart!

Main Features

Here are some of the core features of DBOS Transact:

TransactionsEasily and safely query your application database
WorkflowsReliable workflow orchestration—resume your program after any failure.
HTTP ServingSet up endpoints to serve requests from your application.
CommunicatorsReliably interact with external services and third-party APIs.
IdempotencyAutomatically make any request idempotent, so your requests happen exactly once.
Authentication and AuthorizationSecure your HTTP endpoints so only authorized users can access them.
Kafka IntegrationConsume Kafka messages exactly-once with transactions or workflows.
Testing and DebuggingEasily write unit tests for your applications, compatible with Jest and other popular testing frameworks.
Self-HostingHost your applications anywhere, as long as they have a Postgres database to connect to.

Here are some of the core features of DBOS Cloud:

Serverless App DeploymentDeploy apps to DBOS Cloud in minutes.
Interactive Time TravelQuery your application database as of any past point in time.
Time Travel DebuggingReplay any DBOS Cloud trace locally on your computer.
Cloud Database ManagementProvision cloud Postgres instances for your applications.
Disaster RecoveryAutomatically recover your database and applications to a past point in time.
Built-in ObservabilityBuilt-in log capture, request tracing, and dashboards.