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Welcome to DBOS!

What is the DBOS SDK?

The DBOS SDK is a Typescript framework built on the database that helps you develop transactional backend applications. DBOS fully embraces the power of your application database, helping you write backend applications that are reliable by default. It runs your Typescript functions as database transactions, guarantees they run once and only once for each request, and orchestrates them into workflows so reliable that if your server restarts, they resume exactly where they left off.

You should build your next backend application with DBOS because:

  • It's simple. Write your business logic using serverless functions. Store all your data in Postgres—we'll manage the connections and transactions for you.
  • It's reliable by default. Even if you have to reboot your server, your workflows will always resume from where they left off. Reliable message delivery is built in. Idempotency is built in.
  • It's made for DBOS Cloud. Starting early next year, you can deploy any DBOS application to DBOS Cloud, our new cloud platform built on our revolutionary, scalable, and secure cloud-native operating system.

To get started with DBOS today in less than five minutes, check out our quickstart!

Main Features

Here are some of DBOS's core features:

TransactionsEasily and safely query your application database
WorkflowsReliable workflow orchestration—resume your program after any failure.
HTTP ServingSet up endpoints to serve requests from your application.
IdempotencyAutomatically make any request idempotent, so your requests happen exactly once.
Logging and TracingAutomatic OpenTelemetry-compatible tracing of all requests and built-in structured logging support with configurable exporters.
Authentication and AuthorizationSecure your HTTP endpoints so only authorized users can access them.
Testing and DebuggingEasily write unit tests for your functions and endpoints, compatible with Jest and other popular testing frameworks.
Push-Button Deployment to DBOS CloudComing in early 2024!

How to Use These Docs

  • If you're encountering DBOS for the first time, try our quickstart and get an application up and running in less than five minutes.
  • If you want to learn how to use DBOS's powerful features, check out our tutorials.
  • If you want a detailed reference for the DBOS API, check out our API reference.
  • If you want to learn how things work under the hood, check out our explanation guides.
  • If you want to see more complex applications built with DBOS, check out our demo apps.