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Demo Applications

To show you how to develop larger applications with DBOS, we've built two demo applications, each highlighting a different set of DBOS's powerful features.


The E-Commerce demo is a toy web shop and payment processing system. Users can purchase expensive writing utensils

The E-Commerce demo demonstrates:

  • Using DBOS workflows, transactions, and communicators to build reliable programs
  • Using Knex.js for database interaction, schema management and seed data
  • Building interactive workflows via events and messages
  • Implementing a webhook that connects to an existing workflow
  • Integration with a Next.js front end

For more technical details, please see the Under the Covers section of the E-Commerce README.

YKY Social

YKY Social is a toy social network app, which allows users to register, create profiles, follow friends, and post messages to each other.

YKY Social currently demonstrates:

  • Data management with TypeORM and Postgres
  • DBOS transactions, workflows, and communicators for correct execution
  • HTTP handling
  • Integration with a Next.js front end
  • Declarative security (using an application-managed database table)
  • Use of a database table and AWS S3 to securely manage images

YKY Social has no direct dependencies on OS APIs, and is ready to run in a cloud-native environment with a minimal attack surface:

  • Serverless operation
  • No use of filesystem - "everything is a table"

Future versions of YKY will highlight:

  • Data partitioning for scalability
  • Cross-partition workflows