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Cloud Account Management

In this guide, you'll learn how to register and authenticate DBOS Cloud accounts.

Registering a User

To register a new DBOS Cloud account, run the following command, choosing a username that is 3-30 characters long and contains only lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores:

npx dbos-cloud register -u <username>

This command provides a URL to a secure login portal you can use to create an account from your browser. After registering, your credentials will be stored in .dbos/credentials. Credentials automatically expire after 24 hours, at which point you must log in again.

Authenticating from the Command Line

To log in from the command line, run:

npx dbos-cloud login

This command provides a URL to a secure login portal from which you can log in. After you log in, your credentials will be stored in .dbos/credentials. They automatically expire after 24 hours. To delete your credentials and log out, run:

npx dbos-cloud logout

Authenticating Programatically

Sometimes, such as in a CI/CD pipeline, it is useful to authenticate programatically without providing credentials through a browser-based login portal. DBOS Cloud provides this capability with refresh tokens. To obtain a refresh token, run:

npx dbos-cloud login --get-refresh-token

This command has you authenticate through the browser, but obtains a refresh token and stores it in .dbos/credentials.

Once you have your token, you can use it to authenticate programatically without going through the browser with the following command:

npx dbos-cloud login --with-refresh-token <token>

Refresh tokens automatically expire after a year or after a month of inactivity. You can manually revoke them at any time:

npx dbos-cloud revoke <token>

Until they expire or are revoked, refresh tokens can be used to log in to your account. Treat them as secrets and keep them safe!

Organization Management


This feature is currently only available to DBOS Pro or Enterprise subscribers.

Organizations allow multiple users to collaboratively manage applications. When a user creates an account, they are automatically added to an organization containing only them, where the organization name is the same as their username.

To invite a new user to your organization, run:

npx dbos-cloud org invite

This command retrieves a single-use organization secret that expires in 24 hours. To invite multiple users, create multiple secrets.

Using this organization secret, another user can register a new account in your organization by running:

npx dbos-cloud register -u <username> -s <organization-secret>

Alternatively, if a user has an existing account, they can join your organization by running:

npx dbos-cloud org join <organization-name> <organization-secret>

All users in an organization have full access to its resources, including databases and applications.

An organization admin (the user who created the organization) can rename the organization by running:

npx dbos-cloud org rename <current-org-name> <new-org-name>

Applications belonging to organizations are hosted at the URL https://<organization-name>-<app-name>, so renaming your organization changes your application URLs.